Is it right to abort a baby? This is one of those issues on which everyone has an opinion. I’ve heard abortion compared to murder, but my father’s boss has said “I don’t care if they club ‘em while they’re coming out like baby seals.” If you can’t tell, my father’s boss is quite the character… But aside from this, I have found my opinion is a good middle-ground that people agree with. Hopefully I’ll provide a little common ground between pro-life and pro-choice. Next time you’re debating this topic, maybe I can give you a hand in winning your argument.

It’s wrong to take a life. Everyone knows this. Is a fetus alive? Scientifically speaking, yes, a fetus is alive. I will say this now, I do not like abortion. I think that an unwanted baby should be given up for adoption. My reason for this is simply that there are many people in this world that cannot have children, and they would take amazing care of that baby once it’s born. But I digress…A fetus is alive. But… so are trees. Now, I am NOT comparing human babies to trees, but I AM saying that the standards for life should be looked at when considering which side to be on.   

Now, consider a scenario where a woman is raped and gets pregnant from that instance of rape. If the mother chose to keep that baby, what would she see when she looked at its face? She would see him. That in itself is psychological torture, trying to love and care for your baby that shares DNA with the man who destroyed your life. Even in this situation, I would rather the mother adopt the baby out then abort, but let’s be realistic. The only people who know how they feel are women who went through this scenario, and it happens.

I find it doubtful a woman would keep that child, and that’s perfectly understandable, especially if the woman we are talking about is a student or full-time worker. They may not have the time or money for pre-natal care or adoption papers or the off time you need after giving birth. It’s not right nor is it realistic to ask them to hold that burden. It was not their fault, so why should they give up that huge amount of their life to have that baby?

As for people who willingly have sex with no protection… I don’t know, that’s a little harder to defend. Situations like this are why I say you should never, ever have sex without some form of protection. That’s like asking to get pregnant and/or get an STD. It happens all the time. Did this person knowingly have unprotected sex? Yes. Should they be held accountable for their actions? I think so.

However, these circumstances are hard to prove. We cannot tell if this person was the victim of a failed contraceptive or just didn’t care at the time. People have the ability to lie, and that makes us unsure in everything people say. It’s not right to punish all of them, because some of them did nothing wrong. They may not be ready for a child or perhaps are not in a steady relationship. All of these factors decide in a person’s mind whether they want the baby or not. And if they don’t want a baby, why force them to have it?

I know people who think abortion should be illegal. Lots of people. There are so many problems with this that I don’t know where to start. In the U.S., abortion has been outlawed before. And guess what happened. The rate of illegal abortions skyrocketed. Back-alley abortions. Abortions where neither the mother, nor the baby were safe. The deaths of would-be mothers also skyrocketed. Back-alley abortions aren’t safe. Ever. They kill people. Many people. When making something illegal, you must remember that people will still get the illegal item or do the illegal action. What needs to be considered is the people the law will affect. People will get abortions whether they are legal or not.

One example of what happens when you ban abortion occurred during the reign Nicolae Ceauşescu of Romania. This man banned abortion in 1966, in Romania. The number of abandoned children grew, poverty rose, orphanages were full, people abandoned their children, and women were either killed or maimed due to illegal abortions. Street children were sold into sex slavery, forced into prostitution, forced to beg for scraps and change, and were even killed without justice or reason. Why do people not look at this evidence? Why don’t people see what would happen if we were to ban abortion?

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