Captain Part 1

It was so late, I thought, looking at the noon day sun through the blinds. Vhat could he vant vith me now? “Captain? You called?” I asked sleepily, poking my head in the door. There was no answer. That was typical of the Captain, so I went in anyway. He was standing there in his uniform staring at me. “Vhat did you vant, Captain?” I asked, made uncomfortable by his look. “You,” he said softly.

I blushed deep red. He ran through my hair with his fingers, and pushed up on my chin to make me look him in the eyes. He vas much taller than me, by at least half of a meter. I looked into his unblinking blue eyes as he leaned down to kiss me.

I turned my head away. I vas just too nervous. He smiled at me gently, reassuring me that everything would be fine. It did give me comfort, that smile of his, as my blushing subsided. It was a rare treat in Millennium, to see the Captain smile. I loved his smile. He had such perfect teeth and lips. I had to let him kiss me. I had to.

It turned my head to face him again, and he continued. His lips brushed so gently against mine at first, but pressure was building. He stepped back for a moment, just to look at me. “I always thought you were so beautiful, Rip,” he murmured. My blush returned with vigor as he looked at me.

He looked at me, still smiling, and began to kiss me again, but this time it was open-mouthed. His tongue felt so strong in my mouth. I loved the way it felt. We exchanged saliva several times during the kiss. Then, he broke away again, not of his own will though.

Talk about a mood-killer, Schrödinger showed up in the middle of the room, and, disgusted, shoved us apart. Schrödinger looked at the Captain, with an eyebrow raised. “What?!” Captain asked. “The Major vishes to see both of you. Immediately,” he said. With a another disturbed glance, Schrödinger let the room.

Now, it was the Captain's turn to blush. He was a bit embarrassed. No one wants to be caught making-out with their subordinate. I muttered that I was sorry, but he said, “You did nothing wrong,” and smiled again. Schrödinger was going to tell the Major, that much we knew.

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