Captain Part 2

Captain and I were walking down the halls to the conference room when Zorin came out from her room. “Guess vhat Schrödinger just told me,” she said menacingly. “Shut up,” the Captain said with anger, and embarrassment, rising in his voice. “I would’ve never thought…” she started. “You’ve made your point, now piss off.” the Captain said bluntly. She went back to her room.

“I really didn’t mean to cause you any trouble,” he muttered, looking at me. “It’s okay,” I said smiling, “You’re worth it, anyway.” Captain blushed again. “Captain, how come no one else ever sees you talk. Half of the men think you are a mute,” I asked him out of sheer curiosity. “They aren’t worth it. And please when we’re alone, call me Hans.”

“Okay, Hans,” I said, the name sounded so foreign on my tongue. He was Captain in my mind. We reached the conference room; upon entering, we heard Schrödinger saying, “And guess what I did when I saw that?” We both looked at each other, knowing exactly what Schrödinger was saying.

“You two,” the Major said, seeing us, “Schrödinger has told me interesting news. Is vhat I haff heard true?” “Yes, herr Major,” Captain said boldly. “Then we must take immediate action. I must change the locks,” the Major said, leaving the room. The Captain and my eyes met. Schrödinger hadn’t told him.

“Schrödinger, thank you,” Captain said. Schrödinger just looked at him and stormed out. “I never thought that he could be nice,” I said, in a dazed state. “I know…” the Captain said, “I thought we were dead for sure.” “Me too,” I murmured. We both could have a sigh of relief.

We turned to face each other, and I was blushing again. If anything, my blush gave the Captain the most insight into my thoughts. He approached me, and took me in his arms. He smiled at me again, showing those oh so perfect teeth. It reminded me of another reason our love was forbidden

You see, the Captain was a werewolf. Not just in title, but an actual werewolf. It was always looked down upon, a werewolf in a relationship with a vampire. It didn’t matter to me, and I was quite sure it didn’t matter to him.

He began kissing me deeply, seemingly never wanting to stop. He probably didn’t, but we knew that was impossible. He already showed me such love and affection, though it had been less than a day. I felt like I loved him, and I did. “I love you, mein Kapitän,” I murmured, breaking the kiss momentarily. He looked at me, surprised for a moment. “I love you, too, mein Leutnant.

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