Captain Epilogue

Away from Millennium, a thin, black haired woman nursed her newborn baby in a rocking chair outside. She smiled down at the tiny creature, hoping that one day, it’d be a blood sucker like its mother and father. She messed with the baby’s amazingly thick blonde hair and laughed as it tried to move her hand away. A tall blonde man came up behind the chair and put a hand on the mother’s head. He smiled down at the infant, who broke away from her mother’s breast and giggled at him.

Rip laughed. “She’s a daddy’s girl alright,” she said as she covered herself and handed him the smiling baby. He caressed the little vampire carefully and protectively as she fell asleep in his arms. “Have you thought of a name for our little one yet?” he whispered. Rip shook her head no. “I think you should name her Rosemarie,” said a new voice on the edge of the small patio. Both parents looked up to see the also young godfather of their child.

“That’s a nice name, Schrödinger,” Rip said, taking into full consideration. If she liked it, that was going to be the name. They had decided early on that if Rip was going to go through the pain of having a child, she could name the baby ‘anything she damn wanted.’ She scooped up her child from her lover’s arms and looked at her meticulously. The baby didn’t like that and woke up, beginning to cry. She handed the baby back over to Hans, who shushed it and cradled it until it stopped. “Rosemarie ist perfect.”

Rip cleared her throat. It was time for the serious business. “Ist the Major still non-the-viser?” she asked. Schrödinger nodded. “He still thinks you’re both dead and has a griefing ceremony ewery year for you two.” Rip and Hans both laughed. He needed to think they were dead. He had found out about Rip’s pregnancy almost before she did; ‘he could smell it on her’ he had said. The Major didn’t want one of his best officers incapacitated for nine months and decided to try to force an abortion on her. He had one scheduled and everything with Dok, who seemed more than happy to do it.

The day before the procedure, Hans and Rip called in a favor from Hellsing and agreed to work for them if they faked their deaths and protected their baby. Hellsing kept their promise. They had been moved to England and were happy. Hans once told Rip, “I never thought I would be truly happy unless I was away from them with you. I was right.”

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