Jeez, I can't be stopped… Here it is, the first day of senior year, the first period, and I'm already staring down my lab partner's shirt. In my defense, she has amazing breasts, and she's not exactly hiding them. "Wanna go out sometime?" I ask, hopeful, and acting as suave as I can. She gives me a disgusted look, and before I know it, the back of her hand strikes me across the face. God, that stings… "I'm not a dyke!" 

I always forget the fact that I'm not a dude. Honestly, I'm pretty gender blind. I don't see the point in "male" or "female," but these people sure do. I sigh. Oh well, it was worth a shot. The bell rings and I grab my bag and head for my next class, English. Yay… I pick the seat farthest from the teacher's desk and put my head down, sulking from my earlier rejection. One is truly the loneliest number… 
I watch as my fellow classmates file in, a few people I know, but no one sits next to me. I'm used to it. I'm basically the class leper. It's not that I'm ugly or anything; I know I'm not. It's just that people can't get over the fact that I like chicks. So what if I'm a dyke? It's not like it's their concern. The late bell rings and the teacher walks in. Hooray, it's an old fart of a woman. Stereotypical English teacher #1… Bet she's strict as hell, too. 
She introduces herself and makes all of us do the same. Everyone stands and says a few things about their boring life. Soon enough, it's my turn. I stand, "I like chicks, if you don't like that, then fuck you." The teacher's horrified, and I'm about to get written up when this girl walks in late. It's funny, she's all flustered and I can tell she's new to the school. She trips on her way to the only seat left in the room, the one by me. Great, I've got the klutz next to me. 
Everyone laughs at her, and her face is red as a tomato. I kinda feel bad for the girl. She's all alone in a new place, and just because she falls, people are laughing. The teacher shuts them up and calls the girl to the front of the class. "Name?" she asks harshly. "Um… it's Liina Nash," the girl speaks up, nervous and shy. "Spelled?" "L-i-i-n-a." "Goodness, what a name," the teacher says, handing her a detention slip, "Don't come late to my class again or it'll be a write up." 
Yep, strict as hell. Liina takes her seat next to me, looking like she's about to burst into tears. She's really cute, now that I see her up close. She's got long, platinum blonde hair and these piercing blue eyes… "Carmela?" I look up as the teacher calls me. "Hmm?" "Just because you are going to fail doesn't mean you're not going to pay attention." Great, she assumes I'm an idiot right off the bat. I'll enjoy rubbing an A in her face later… 
I return my attention back to Liina, running my eyes over her. She really is good-looking. She's got big knockers, but they're covered up by a white button-up shirt. Not a bad ass on her either… It's funny, she looks like some private school girl, all dressed up in a button-up and plaid skirt. That skirt could sure make your mind wander, but somehow she seems… innocent and pure, something even I can't bring myself to corrupt. 
As soon as the bell rings, I ask her for her schedule. She's in all of my classes, save for Physics. I inform her of this and offer to walk her to our next class; she doesn't seem so good at finding them on time, anyway. She accepts smiling. It's heartwarming, her smile; it kind of brightens my mood. On to Algebra… I walk her to the math room, taking a seat beside her. 
It's odd, even though she's not my type personality wise; it seems I've taken a shine to her. I usually am into the slutty girls you always have a chance getting in bed with. Honestly, I've lain around a lot, which is one of the reasons I don't go after the innocent type. Bet she's still a virgin. Math is unsatisfying and boring, and I'm interested in what she'll do for our next class, health. 
I never took health my freshman year, and I always wondered when it was going to catch up with me and bite me in the ass. Again, I sit next to her, chit-chatting and whatnot. She doesn't seem to mind and just seems genuinely happy that someone wants to talk to her. The teacher comes in. Great, a male teacher. This isn't going to be awkward at all. 
He starts talking about the curriculum, giving us the gist of what we'll be discussing. Finally he gets to my favorite subject, sex. I always love it when they teach us about sex, the inner mechanics of it and all. I look next to me and Liina's blushing like crazy. Really, too innocent. He mentions homosexuality, and Liina raises her hand. What's this about now…? "Yes?" "Excuse me, but what's 'homosexuality'?" …Seriously? 
"It's when women are attracted to other women, or men are attracted to other men." "Really? I-is it normal?" "Kid, I wouldn't be the person to ask about that. However, if anything I've heard about your little dark-haired friend there is true, you can ask her." She looks at me, blushing, but then just stares down at her book. I hope I haven't lost her yet. 
When the bell to leave for the day rings, she stops me. "U-um…. Carmela?" "Yeah?" "Can we meet somewhere and talk about this 'homosexuality' thing?" I raise an eyebrow. "Sure, you can come over to my place today, if you want." "O-okay. Can I call my parents real quick and ask?" "Sure, go right ahead." I wait up for her, listening to her telling her parents that's she's going to study at a friend's house. This is going to be interesting. 
It's not like I'm expecting to get laid or anything, but I'm excited that she's coming over to my house. We're walking to my house and she's staying a few feet behind me, nervously letting me take the lead. The walk to my place is silent most of the way. "You're parents don't mind me coming at such short notice?" she speaks up from behind. "My mom," I correct her, "and no, she doesn't mind." She's probably too drunk to care right now… 
We reach my house, and sure enough, my mom's passed out on the couch. Liina can meet her later… I take Liina to my room and sit next to her on the bed. "So, what so you want to know?" She sits for a minute, thinking. "Was the health teacher right? Are you a homosexual?" I sigh. I don't know how many friends I've lost this way, but I'm an honest person. "Yes, I like other women." "Is that normal?" "Normal? I'm not sure I follow." "Is-is it normal to like other women?" 
I take a moment to think. "Well, it's normal for me. Most people don't call it normal, but I was born like this, so it's been normal for me my entire life." She looks at me, eyes filled with empathy. "Is that why people don't sit by you?" "Usually, but it's fine by me. If they want to be intolerant, they can be intolerant." "Does your mom know?" "Yeah, and she could care less." A moment passes. "Does it bother you, Liina, that I like girls?" She gives me a surprised look. "Why would it?" Too innocent. 
"Never mind," I say. We sit in silence for several moments. "You know," she speaks up, "the only reason I asked what it was in class was because I wanted to know the correct answer." I give her a quizzical look. "I've heard of it before, but not in context. I've heard about it from my parents, from my church, but they never said what it was. All they say is that it's a mortal sin and homosexuals should burn in hell." "What do you think?" "I think you're just like everyone else and that there's no reason to change you." 
I smile. "Good, then we agree." I look up at her and our lips are almost touching. Just another inch and… "I-I have to go," she sputters, grabbing her coat and running out the door. Guess she doesn't swing my way. I hear her talk to my mom for a moment, introducing herself. Goody, she's met the family. School was pretty awkward the next day, but we manage to strike up another conversation before noon. We really get along great, it seems, and awkwardness doesn't stay with us the whole day like it does with some people. 
After the last bell rings, she stands there for a second. "Um, I'd hate to impose, but can I go to your house again?" "Eh? Sure, why not?" She smiles and tags along with me, this time keeping up with my pace. She's a lot less nervous than yesterday. It always feels good when a friend is comfortable around you. We reach my house in no time flat. Time really does fly when you're having fun, I guess. 
Mom's not even there this time. We head back to my room and relax on my bed, talking about the day, the teachers, and the other students. She thinks they're all stupid too. It's good to have an intelligent conversation every now and again. I sigh, lying back onto my bed. The room's quiet right now, and peaceful. "Carmela?" "Hmm?" "I, um, I…" She leans over me, blushing red as she often does. "Hmm?" I repeat. Without warning, she brings her warm lips down onto mine in a soft kiss. She pulls away, face as red as can be. 
"Another reason I was asking," she mutters, averting her gaze, "was because when I saw you, I started to feel all funny." I smirk. "Same here." I pull her face down into another kiss, one with more fire behind it. She whimpers lightly into the kiss, relaxing her body on top of mine. I hold her waist tightly, caressing her back. She moans softly into my mouth, and I can't help but notice that she's an amazing kisser, though inexperienced. 
Keeping an eye out for any signs of displeasure, I move my hand lower, cupping her glorious ass. She makes a little noise in surprise, breaking our kiss. She gives me a shy, embarrassed look, but pulls back into the kiss. She's a real piece of work, I gotta say. Magnificent, though. I pull my lips from hers and run my fingers through her hair, looking into her eyes as lovingly as I can manage. This might be the one. 
It's weird. Even though we're kissing and things are getting pretty hot, I don't think I'm ready to take her to bed. Well, no, it's more than that. I know she's not ready, and for once, I'm fine with that. I allow her to lie beside me, head on my chest I continue to stroke her hair. Even though I've had sex, this is the most intimate situation I've ever been in. Then, my bedroom door opens, revealing my very drunk mom. 
Total mood-killer. "Liina," she says in a sweet voice, "You're parents called. They're worried about you." "Oh, God, my parents!" she gets up in hurry, waving goodbye to me and leaving. I wave half-heartedly back. When she's gone I look at my mom. "Thank you for ruining the mood." "You like this one, huh?" "Mm, yeah, I do." She pats me on the leg. "Good, you need a girl like her to level you out." 
Liina isn't at school the next day. I can't do anything but worry, and I end up going home early. It's nerve-wrecking waiting for the next day. I just sit in my room, worrying and hoping she's alright and will be there tomorrow. 
She is. I'm so happy that she's alright that I run up and hug her. "I was worried about you; where were you?" I notice she winces when I hug her and I let go. "Are you okay?" She gives a kind of tired nod, but I'm anything but reassured. She reaches for her pencil, but can't extend her hand very far. That's not normal. 
I take her by the hand, ignoring her protests and drag her to the bathroom, locking the door behind us. "Wha-what are you doing?" "Take off your shirt." "What?" "You heard me." I see tears forming in her eyes and realize what this seems like. "Liina, please listen to me. I'm just worried about you; I would never force you into that." She nods and removes her shirt, showing bruises on her skin. How's she even walking around like this…? 
"Liina," I whisper, running my finger over a particularly dark mark. That explains why she's always covered up… Anger rises in me. "Who did this to you?" She doesn't answer, merely avoiding my gaze and staring at the tiled floor. I grab her by the shoulders. "Who does this to you?!" Tears fill her eyes, "Carmela, you're hurting me!" I let go immediately and look away. "Sorry," I mutter, "I just got mad." I see her nod in the bathroom mirror. "It's my parents." 
I give her a sympathetic look and walk up to her, holding her as gently as I can. "Come on," I say gently, handing her shirt to her, "let's get you somewhere safe." 
I hold her hand, gently leading her out of the school and to my house. I lay her down on my bed and stroke her hair gently. "It'll be okay." I whisper the promise into her ear before giving her a small peck on the cheek. What do I do? "Liina, do you know why they hit you?" "They say that it's God's will for disobeying them…" "Disgusting," I mutter aloud. She gives me a look and I know I should have said nothing. "Sorry," I say, hanging my head. There's got to be something… 
"Liina, how old are you?" "I turned 18 last month." "Why don't you just live on your own?" Liina averts her gaze. "It's not like I haven't thought about it before… No rules, no hiding, no hitting, no church every Sunday… But… I don't have anywhere to go. My parents never let me get a job; they won't let me touch my college money if I move out…" "You have a place to stay." 
"Where?" …Liina, you're lucky I've already fallen for you… "You could stay here, you innocent dolt." A shocked look crosses her face. "But… that's... We'd be living in sin!" "Liina, if it got you out of there, would it really matter?" "Well…" She thinks hard for a moment before nodding and smiling at me. "I guess you're right." I manage to only smile, but inside, I'm overjoyed. Liina's gonna live with me. 
"But… Are there any separate rooms in this house?" "Nope, you'll have to share with me." "Can I sleep on the couch?" "I won't let you." "Can we get separate beds?" "Don't have enough money to. You're stuck in bed with me every night ♥." I lie next to her, wrap my arms around her gently, and capture her lips in a sweet kiss. "But don't worry; I wouldn't dream of doing anything inappropriate to my sweet little Liina." 
She gives me a look like I'm an idiot, but I could care less. She gives in a moment later, sighing and agreeing to my terms. "No nothing, though, okay?" "I'll be an angel," I whisper, licking the shell of her ear and feeling her shudder. This'll be fun. 
I hold Liina gently until she drifts off to sleep before rising and heading into the living room. Mom's kinda... there, yelling at the TV. I grab the bottle of vodka and pour it down the kitchen sink. "Hey! What the hell are you doing?" she yells from the couch. That got her attention. "Sober up, Mom. We've got a roomie to take care of now." 
"Roomie? Is Liina moving in?" "Yeah. Her family's pretty awful to her, so I offered. I can't be the only one with a job now." To my surprise, she smiles. "She's such a sweet girl… Of course I'll help out." I raise an eyebrow. "Mom? You okay? How much have you drank?" "Hardly any. I'm serious, Carmela; if you need help, I'll help. Always." I smile. Perhaps complete and total access to Liina isn't the only benefit of her moving in. 
I head back to my - our room and change into my sleeping clothes, watching Liina the whole time; I'm really happy… really happy. I lay myself next to her and quietly as I can, but she wakes up anyway. She looks at me sleepily and flips over, wrapping her arms around my chest, effectively spooning me. God, if she knew the thoughts I was thinking… "I love you, Carmela…" she mutters into my back before I hear snoring. 
I blush red. No one's told me that aside from my mom. But… It felt nice when she said it, very warm internally. I wonder if that's why I feel so warm around her, why I feel so happy to help her. I guess I love her…I used to think it was ludicrous, but hey, I'm the one who's up for anything. I think tomorrow is going to be a productive day. 
I woke up to Liina's smiling face above me. "Good morning!" she chirps happily. "Mornin'" I groan back. I'm a night owl, mornings aren't my thing. "Wait, why are you in my bed?" I mutter, still tired from sleep. She frowns. "Don't you remember?" "Oh, yeah. We did it, right?" Her frown turns into a look of irritation. "No!" "Hey, hey, I'm kidding! Of course I remember, new roomie." She gives me a light smile. 
"I remember, but do you remember what YOU said last night?" She turns red. "I said nothing." "Yeah right. It was something along the lines of 'I love you,'" I say, whispering the last part into her ear. "S-stop whispering stuff like that!" I sit up and playfully tackle her to the bed. "You know you love it. And you know you love me; isn't that right?" "G-get off!" I steal a kiss from her, squeezing her tighter. "Ah, Carmela, that hurts!" Shit, her bruises. "Sorry!" I yell quickly, removing myself from on top of her. She throws me a sweet smile. "It's fine." 
"So why'd you wake me up?" "School, you idiot." "I like it when you're sassy." She gives me that look again and laugh it off, succeeding in getting her to laugh as well. "Liina?" "Yes?" "I hate to bring this up when we're enjoying ourselves, but we can't go to school today." "Why?" "Is there anything that you need from your house? I'll go get it for you and bring it here." She thinks for a minute. "Yeah… A lot, actually… But they won't let you in." 
"Who says they have to let me in? Don't you have a key?" She reaches into the pocket of her pants from yesterday and pulls out her house key, handing it to me. "Now just give me a time where you're folks aren't home." "Nine to five." "Perfect." I scribble down her address, where her room is, and the list of the things she needs (clothes, knickknacks, etc.). 
"So, why can't I go to school?" "Are you kidding?" She gives me a kind of curious look. "You're way too innocent. You've been hanging around me for a few days, now, and you're wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Tell me, what situation does that imply?" "That I stayed the night, right?" "Yes. What do most people do when they spend the night with the sex they are interested in?" "Oh. Oh! But we didn't..." "Doesn't matter. They think what they want to." 
After convincing her to stay in, I go out into the kitchen and fix breakfast for her and my mother. I only eat toast anyway…"So…" my mom says in an attempt to start small talk, "how's Carmela in bed?" Liina practically spits her orange juice on her, which I contested would have been funnier… "We haven't done that," she mutters in exasperation. Mom looks at me, surprised. "Really?" "Yes, really." I turn to Liina, "See, aren't you glad we didn't go to school?" 
Before I know it, the awkward meal had passed and it was nine thirty. "Guess I better get over there…" I stand from the table and give Liina a gentle hug around the shoulders. "See ya." I head for the door and hear my mom say something that makes me smile. "She must really like you to wait like that." Good, Mom, very good. 
Jeez, her house is huge… Easily three fuckin' thousand square feet… I shake off the sheer immensity of it all and enter using the key, heading up the stairs the first door on the right as I was instructed. Her room looked just like I imagined it. All pink and innocent. With crosses everywhere… I'm surprised I haven't burst into flames...  
I rummage through her dresser, looking for things she specified when I come across her underwear drawer. Jackpot. She's so sweet and innocent, I wonder if she's got anything kinky in here... I find myself disappointed, only white, cotton panties. Very plain. Well, that's what I think. I dig a little deeper, finding a Playboy. Heh, what's she do with this, I wonder? 
I grab the essentials she listed (and the Playboy) and head out the door. Now's not the time to be dawdling; I have a sweetheart waiting at home, after all. The other stuff we can get gradually. I reach home and carry the stuff back to our room, where I find her laying on the bed, flipping through some of my books. I have quite a collection, if I do say so myself. Not porno books, either, though I have a lot of those in a separate place.... 
"Oh, Liina, recognize this?" I hold up the Playboy, making her instantly turn red. She jumps up, dropping the book. "That... Um... I know what it seems like, but..." "So, are you trying to tell me that this isn't porn?" "W-well, no, but..." She thinks for a second. "It's just... when you told me about, you know, homosexuality, I just wanted to know if I was... you know..." I smile at her. "And? What'd you find out?" "I... I really am... that way, aren't I?" "Yep," I chirp, sitting beside her, "and no one can change it, not even god." 
I think for a moment. "Hey, I thought you said you didn't have a job. How'd you buy the porn?" "I... I took the money from my mom." "Took?" I smirk. "As in, stole?" She nods a little, hanging her head in shame. "My little Liina's a very naughty girl when she wants to be. Stealing from her mother to buy porn?" She turns her head away, "Please don't joke like that. I'm not happy I did it." 
My face falls. She's really ashamed. "Liina, it's okay. Everyone takes something now and again. And everyone looks at porn, believe me." "But... I know better." I lay back, taking her down with me. "It's not a matter of knowing better. People just do things." I hug her close to me. "No one's going to judge you for something so insignificant." "God will." 
I'm an atheist. Always been one. It's hard to be gay and be Christian; I can't imagine how she feels. I don't want to force my ideals on her, but... she looks so unhappy right now. I don't want her repenting for living the life she wants. I sigh. "Don't worry, Liina. Looking at some porn's not gonna give you a ticket to hell." "How do you know?" "I DON'T know. But I look at porn, and it's not killed me yet." 
"Thanks for saying that. I don't want to feel bad for things I do anymore, especially if they're things that everyone else does." "It's my job to make you feel better," I say with a smile. I flip over and give her a chaste kiss. She blushes, but doesn't scold me for being brash like I expected. "Carmela?" "Yeah?" "I want you to kiss me more." Well, well now. This IS a surprise... 
I oblige her, locking our lips in a deeper kiss. I pull away and look into those wonderfully blue eyes. "Liina..." I find myself suddenly aroused. I want her so bad... But at the same time, I know she's still not ready. But, god, I wanna fuck her brains out. I break our eye contact, trying not to tempt myself. I don't wanna get started and forget to stop... 
"Carmela, why'd you stop?" I look back down on her with mild shame. "I don't want to hurt you." "What? I know you'd never hurt me." "Not... Not that way. I mean emotionally. I know you're not ready for anything physical." Once more this week, I feel the sting of a hand on my face. "Don't tell me what I'm ready for! If I felt the slightest bit uncomfortable, I'd tell you!" Shock passes over me and I find my tongue again. "I'm not sure I would listen. When I get turned-on, I ignore everything." "You would listen. I know you would. I trust you." 
If only I could trust myself. "Liina, I'm not sure it would work out that way." "I'm sure. I have complete faith in you. Look, I may not be ready for sex, but there are things I want to try. If you go too far, or start to go too far, I'll let you know. I know you'll stop when I feel uncomfortable. Now kiss me again, and say some smart-alicky comment, dammit!" 
I smirk and kiss her again gently. "My sweet little Liina must be really horny to say something like that." She turns red, like always. "W-well... I mean... Uh... I'm just curious," she says, nodding furiously, "Yes, just curious!" I really do love her... I kiss her with more fire, allowing myself to feel the heat in my body. I hope I don't hurt her... I wrap my arms around her waist, slipping my tongue into her mouth. 
I feel so hot... I pull my lips from hers, and begin kissing at her neck, directly beneath her ear. She giggles at first, unaccustomed to the feel of lips on her skin. Her light-hearted laughs turn quickly into breathy moans as find the sensitive spots on her neck, licking and sucking at them carefully. I trail one of my hands up her stomach, gripping her right breast through her shirt. Oh, god, she's not wearing a bra... I can feel her nipples getting hard... 
I kiss the shell of her ear. "Liina," I whisper, "I'm going to take your shirt off. Are you okay with that?" She turns redder than normal, but nods. "Thank you," I mutter, kissing her lips gingerly before beginning to unbutton her shirt. She's got to stop wearing these shirts... They're hard to undo, they take a lot of time to get off, and they only reveal a little bit of skin at a time. 
I finally get the shirt unbuttoned, but don't remove it just yet. I slide my fingers under the fabric, rolling a hardened nub between my fingers. Her tits are so soft... They feel really big... With a swift motion, I peel off her shirt, exposing her naked breasts to me for the first time. I can't help but stare; they're perfect. They're big and round, and really perky. She has to have the best rack I've ever seen... 
"S-stop staring!" she yells, covering herself with her hands and turning red for the umpteenth time of the night. "Sorry, sweetheart," I say gently, kissing her softly, "they were too pretty to not stare at." She blushes so much, it's funny... I sit up, leaning back on the headboard and move her up on my lap. "You're really light," I say with a smile as I lean her back against my chest. 
"Why are we sitting like this?" "Gravity," I answer back, cupping her breasts and feeling that all too familiar weight in my hands. "You have the most amazing breasts, Liina," I whisper seductively, "So big and soft..." She closes her eyes in embarrassment. "Don't say things like that..." "Hmm? Why? You like it, don't you?" Keeping her eyes closed tight, she nods. "Then just lay back and enjoy it." 
Without warning, she flips over, unintentionally straddling my waist. "But... But I haven't seen yours yet." I laugh in surprise. It never occurred to me that she'd want to see mine... "But mine aren't near as nice as yours." "But... I mean..." Her face flushes as she reaches out a hand, clumsily fondling my breasts through my shirt. "I-I mean..." she continues, "y-yours feels big and soft too..." I give her a kiss too chaste for the situation and pull my shirt up over my head. 
"W-what about your bra?" "If you want it off, you take it off." I smirk as she reaches her hands behind me, pressing her bare tits against my chest. I feel my own bosom come free as the bra is unhooked and pulled off. Liina averts her gaze, but I can see her staring out of the corner of her eyes. "Here," I whisper, grabbing her hand gently and placing on my breast. "C-Carmela…" She curiously runs a hand over this newly discovered skin, making me release an encouraging moan as she does. 
Then, she does something that takes me by complete surprise. She leans forward, taking a hardened nipple into her mouth. I groan at the feel of it, muttering her name under my breath. I haven't even done this to her… She licks earnestly at the nub, applying light suction and making my head spin. Nobody I've slept with has ever attempted to please me. Then again, I haven't slept with her, and if she doesn't want to, I won't. 
She pulls away from my breast, looking up at me with a flushed, embarrassed face. I smile back down at her, pulling her into a sweet, gentle kiss. I pull her closer to me, our naked chests touching and rubbing against one another for the first time. I don't know how long we sit like this, our bodies close, her straddling my waist, kissing so deeply, yet so gently, but I sure as hell know what snaps us out of it. 

I hear a door open somewhere else in the house, but that's all. I pull away. If mom's ruining such a peaceful moment, I swear, I'll kick her ass. Liina pulls me back into the kiss; once again surprising me with her initiative. "I don't want us to get distracted," she mutters, breaking away momentarily. I run my fingers through her hair, making the kiss more forceful. I could grow to like this Liina that enjoys physical contact so much.

But then I hear footsteps. Frantic footsteps. And then I hear a door opening. My door. I'm used to my mom entering and seeing me in such situations, so I ignore it. But the second Liina looks up and I see terror cross her face, I know who has entered my room and seen us in the compromising situation that we are in. Her parents.

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