Liina rushes to cover herself with my sheets, and I grab my shirt and pull it on. She looks up with fear in her eyes, "Daddy?" "Don't 'Daddy' me, you whore."  His voice is deathly quiet, but I can hear intense rage lurking. "This is who I am, Daddy…" she breathes, voice cracking. She's already close to crying… "Who you are? Tell me, when did you become a sexual deviant? Is that who you are?" "No… I'm not a deviant…" "Then what are you? Some dyke's plaything?" "No, Daddy… She loves me…" 

"Love?" her mother stepped in, "You think that's love? That's sin! Don't you dare stain love by comparing it to that filth." "Believe it or not, I do love your daughter." "That's not our daughter. That's a demon." That's the straw that breaks the camel's back. Tears freely flow down Liina's face. "Get out of my house," I growl. "Listen to her growling. They really are just like animals," her father mutters snidely. "Get out!" 

The last outburst came from just behind the two. Mom… "Get out now!" "We're not leaving without what used to be our daughter." "How can you bastards say that? That's your damn daughter! Any good parent would accept their child for who they are." "Oh, like you accepted yours? She's turned out so well!" "She turned out perfect! I don't care what your definition of good is, but my daughter is herself, and I am proud of that." 

"Leave. Now," I say as quietly as possible. "No." "If you don't leave now, I'm calling the cops." I grab my cell phone off of the table to show them that my threat would hold true. "We'll get her back in the end." With those self-righteous words, they turned tail and left. My mother throws me an apologetic look my way and leaves. "Liina?" I turn to face her and tears still spilled down her face. "Liina…" I wrap my arms around her shoulders and press her face into the crook of my neck. 

"They're not going to take you, Liina… I won't let them." "Do you really think that's what I'm crying about?" "I know that's not all of it… I'm sorry they are the way they are… I… I don't know what I would do if… my mom said something like that… I'm so sorry…" "Don't be, Carmela…" My mom opens the door and looks inside. "You okay, Liina?" "Yes… I'll be fine." "Just wanted to check in on you two…" "Thanks, Mom." She nods and leaves the room. 

"Thanks, Carmela… For getting rid of them… And… declaring your love in front of them was very sweet…" "They have no idea what they're talking about. I know what sin is. And thanks to you, I know what love is. They are very different. What we have… It's definitely not sin." "Thank you for that." "Wanna go get something to eat?" She shakes her head at me and buries her face in my neck again. I hold her in arms again, and we just sit there. 

"Carmela?" she whispers after a long while. I look down at her and am met with a chaste kiss. "Let's go eat." She throws on one of my t-shirts and heads out the door, me following closely behind. I watch her pour a bowl of cereal, and I can't help but smile. I'm happy. Happy that she's here, happy that she's handling what happened so well. I come up behind her and wrap my arms around her waist and kiss the back of her head. 

"What are you doing?" "Mm… Just loving on you…" "You're making me less interested in my cereal…" "And more interested in what exactly?" "None of your business," she says with a smile, shrugging free of my touch. "You know… It just occurred to me that I've never told you something very important directly…" "What's that?" "I love you, Liina." She turns around abruptly, looking up at me slightly. 

I close our distance with a light kiss, only to hear a throat clearing nearby. I pull away reluctantly. "Hey, Mom." "You two are so cute," she says with a big smile. I roll my eyes in Liina's direction. "Whatever you say." I sit at the kitchen table and see my mom walk up to Liina and try to whisper, "You should feel special. She's never said that to anyone." Liina smiles to herself and brings her finished bowl to the table.

"You're cute," I say, throwing a roguish smile at Liina. "I'd better be." I chuckle lightly and watch her wolf down her cereal. "If you keep eating like that, you're either going to get a stomach ache or fat." "Are you calling me fat?" Shit. "No, no! I was just joking!" She smiles at me for a second. "I was kidding." I breathe a sigh of relief. I've been down that road before. It almost always ends badly, whether I was kidding or not.

I stare off into space for while, until Liina taps on my shoulder. "It's getting late." "So?" "We have school tomorrow." "Oh yeah... Fair enough. Let's go to bed." As soon as we get to my room, Liina shuts the door behind me. "I'm surprised you are willingly going to bed," she mutters. "I get to sleep next to you, the most beautiful woman in the world. Why would I complain?" She smiles. "Let's not go to bed just yet." 

"Hmm?" "W-well, I wanted to spend some time with you..." "Like how?" "I-I didn't get to try some of the things I wanted earlier..." I watch her closely as she strips down to her cotton panties. She's gorgeous... I still can't believe I'm with her... "You sure about this, Liina?" She nods quickly and sits on the side of the bed. I sit on the bed too, but I am met with a disapproving noise. "What?" "Clothes..." she muttered shyly.

I stand and strip down to my own panties, a black g-string. She turns red at the sight of my underwear and averts her gaze. I walk over to her and gently turn her head to face me. "You can look, Liina." She does, blushing intensely. I run a hand through her silky locks and push her against the bed, laying myself on top of her. I wrap my arms around her shoulders and smile. "What did you want to try?" "Nothing in particular..." she starts, placing her hands on my back.

"Just some various things," she finishes, her hands moving down to the small of my back. "What are you  after, sweetheart?" Her hands move lower, cupping my exposed ass. I laugh lightly in surprise, "So that's what you were after..." "I was curious..." "Curious as to what exactly? How my ass feels?" "Yes." I smile down at her. "I'm happy you're becoming more comfortable with me." "How can I not be? I love you." "I love you too." 

"Do what you want, Liina." She blushed deeply. "I was kinda hoping you'd do things to me..." "Is that so? Are you sure?" She nods. I kiss along her jaw line and down her neck, listening to her moan lightly. "Feel good?" "Mmhmm..." I trail kisses down her chest, lightly licking at a hardened nipple. She shudders and moans outright, fisting at our bed sheets. I take the nub into my mouth and begin to apply suction.

She breathes my name and allows me to continue. I use a free hand on the other breasts, listening to her throaty reactions. Suddenly, she sits up, sitting me up with her. "What's the matter?" "I-I…" "What is it?" "I've… I've never seen another woman's… full body… in person." I blink in surprise. Is she asking me to do what I think she is? "Do you… want me to be completely naked, Liina?" She blushes and nods, eyes shut tight in embarrassment. 

I strip off my panties and wait patiently for her to open her eyes. "If you want to see a woman completely naked, I recommend opening your eyes." She slowly opens her eyes and looks me over. "The women in Playboy are always shaved…" "Those women are fake. Real women look like I do. Do you not like it?" "No… I like it… Umm… Do you not like women who shave there?" "Does it matter?" She looks away from me. "I-I saw it in the magazine, and I thought that's what most everybody liked, so…" 

I smile gently at her. "Believe me; you won't have to do anything for me to like that." She smiles back. "Good, because it was a pain in the ass." We both start laughing at the same time, completely forgetting everything about the situation we are getting into. Our laughter dies down, replaced by the sobering thought of being so close with so few clothes between us. I lock her lips in a passionate kiss, overwhelmed by how lucky I am to have her.

She breaks our kiss and just gives me this look. She looks… sad. "What's the matter, sweetheart?" "I wanted to go further than this…" I wrap my arms around her shoulders gently. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to." "You really don't mind?" "Not at all. For you, I'd wait forever." "I really, really love you, Carmela… I'm just not ready to go further yet." "I love you too. Wanna go to bed?" She nods.

I lay her down gently on the bed, settling myself beside her. I wrap my arms around her waist, spooning her. "Shouldn't we put on pajamas?" "I like it better this way… I want to feel your skin against me." She turns around, her breasts pressing against mine. "I wanna sleep face to face…" "Whatever you want, Liina." I stared into her eyes for a long while, until her eyelids closed and her breathing slowed.

I'm so lucky. So lucky. This woman loves me. That's more than I could ever ask for. The more I think about the relationship, the happier I get. To be with her, though, I'll have to face a lot of trials. Her parents, her religion, the people around us… But no matter what, I know we'll face the challenges together and with an open mind. I whisper a soft "I love you" to the sleeping frame in front of me and 
sleep, thinking that school will be much more of a bitch if I don't rest.

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