The seconds pass like minutes after I proclaim my relationship with Liina for my dad and the world to see. His face shifts through many emotions, but not the one I dread the most: anger. At first, he seems confused, then surprised, then his lips curl into a smile. I breath a sigh of relief internally. I just got my dad back; I didn't want to lose him again. He stands up from the couch and reaches a hand out to Liina, which she shakes sloppily. I can tell she was stressing; it looks like she's gonna fall over.

“And your name is...” my dad starts, still holding onto her hand. “Liina,” she states nervously. He retracts his hand, still smiling. He turns to me. “So you're...?” “Very,” I mutter softly, guessing where that question was heading. “I see.” “Does it bother you?” I ask, quietly, as if I were afraid of the answer. Just because he's acting nice about it doesn't mean he really feels that way. He ignores my question momentarily, sitting back on the couch and taking a pensive pose.

“It doesn't bother me, personally... But I've always dreamed you would have an easy life... And, as it turns out, it's near impossible for you to live easy, isn't it?” I nod slowly, taking in every word. “It is hard, but... It makes me happy. I could never be happy with a man. Not because I hate them or something silly like that, but because I was born to love women,” I say softly, with passion welling up in my voice. I take Liina's hand and squeeze it gently, “And Liina... Liina means so very much to me.”

My dad gives me a proud smile, and I can't help but return it. “Thanks,” I mutter softly, “for everything...” The specifics run through my head, but I dare not say them aloud. Thanks, Dad, for loving me. For accepting me. For never giving up on me. For always having hope. Thanks, Dad, for being an amazing father, even when I wasn't there to love. My father understood all those unspoken words and once again embraced me, tears again flowing. This time, though, I never want it to end.

It ends after several long moments, when I hear a sniffle from behind me. I let go of my dad and turn to Liina, who's crying not far behind us. She looks up at me with tears in her eyes and a huge smile on her face. “Seeing you so happy...” she starts, sniffling all throughout, “Makes me really happy.” I give her the most wholehearted smile in my life. Not one trace of my typical cocky grin remains, all that's there is sincerity.

I immediately step towards her, embracing her with one arm around her waist and a hand lovingly placed on the back of her head. I cradle her towards me, and I feel as though I've never felt more genuine. Meeting Dad again, after all these years, is going to change me. That scares me a little, but holding Liina right now, I know it'll be okay. She'll be by my side through everything, and I could never ask for more.

Dad... Liina... I feel... Loved. More so than I ever have. These people around me now, and Mom, of course, I just know they'll be by my side no matter what. Never in my life could I imagine feeling so safe and accepted. Never in my life could I imagine that I would have fallen so completely in love with anyone. Never in my life could I imagine that I would have a whole family again. Those things... Those things were too painful to imagine. But they're reality now. I cry into Liina's shirt unabashedly, feeling overcome with sudden happiness and hope for the future.

The evening presses on and eventually, it's time to leave. “I really wish I could have gotten to meet Seren and Helen...” I mutter wistfully. Dad looks at me with a smile. “You'll get to meet them soon, I promise.” A reminder flashes through my mind. “Oh!” I say in surprise of my forgetfulness. I dig through my bag for a few short moments and pull out three invitations to my graduation. “It's the 22nd,” I say softly, “So if you're not busy, would you please come?”

He gives me a big smile. “Even if I was busy, I'd cancel everything to see you graduate.” “Thanks, Dad...” We make plans for next weekend and exchange goodbyes, neither Dad nor I truly wanting to part again, but knowing that it was time for me to go home. Liina and I leave my dad's house and begin to head back home with Mom. Yeah... Home. It is my home, despite what Mom did. It's where I grew up and where I live and lie with the woman of my dreams.

The car ride was uncomfortable at best, not a word being exchanged. Mom looks like she's been crying the entire time we were at Dad's. I'm not ready to forgive her just yet. Arriving home is just as awkward. She hesitantly takes a seat on one side of the table and waits for us to sit on the other side. We don't however. Despite her wanting to talk to me, I don't want to talk to her. Liina and I head straight to our room. After a few long moments, we hear her give up and head to her own room.

I give Liina a genuine smile. “Thanks for being there for me today...” She smiles back at me. “I would never forgive myself if I let you be in pain.” I kick off my shoes and lay down on the bed, gesturing for her to lay next to me. She obliges me, removing her black flats and laying down on her back next to me. I flip on my side to face her better. “I love you so much, Liina.” “I love you too.”

We look into each other's eyes for several long moments. I slide myself closer to her and wrap an arm around her stomach, laying my head against her shoulder. It's rare I'm submissive like this, but I just want to be close to her tonight. Today has been a trying day... But, with it behind me, I feel... relieved, almost content. Mom and I's relationship may have taken a hit, but we'll survive. It was worth it to actually have a relationship with my dad. For once in my life, I feel like everything's gonna be just fine.

I get comfortable laying against Liina, feeling her chest rise and fall with every breath. I'm starting to see why she likes laying on me so much. I inch my head inward from her shoulder, settling more against her chest. I feel a very slight blush crawl across my face. Her breasts are so soft... She begins to stroke my hair softly, almost absentmindedly. I could go to sleep like this and never want to wake up.

But I decide to move. I sit up slightly, moving my face to hers and pressing our lips together softly. We pull apart momentarily, but the inevitable happens and our lips touch again. And again. Her lips part slightly and I take the opportunity to slip my tongue into her mouth. She always tastes so amazing... It's times like this that I find myself near desperate to taste the rest of her, even though she isn't ready. My willingness to wait is really a testament to my love for her.

We kiss for I don't know how long before Liina suddenly pulls away. “Do you really want to do this? I mean, today was a really rough day for you emotionally...” “I'm alright, Liina. Really. I feel good about today. Now,” I say, giving her a peck on the lips, “Let's get back to where we were.” Within minutes, we're kissing with even more passion than before. My hand slides down her body before quickly undoing the buttons of her shirt.

I remember the first time I undid those buttons and how annoying I thought they were, but I've come to think of them as uniquely Liina. Just one of the many things that makes her so special. Having become quite skillful at undoing her shirt, I manage to get the last button and peel off her shirt. A rarity for her, she's wearing a bra. I don't see how she goes without one most of the time, not that I'm complaining. It just seems to me that I have much smaller breasts, and even I can't get away with going braless.

Well, she doesn't really get away with it... She just thinks she does. I don't know how many times I've caught classmates and even myself staring at her shirt on a cold day. Not that I would ever tell her. No, that's my guilty pleasure, and I won't deny myself it. I grab her full breast in my hand, feeling the weight in my hand. They're so beautiful, even clothed. Continuing to kiss her deeply, I slip my hand under her bra, cupping her nude breast in my hand.

Her nipples are already hard... I lightly pinch a nub between my thumb and forefinger. In response, she moans, breaking our kiss. She takes the moment to look directly in my eyes. She always looks so beautiful when she's aroused... Her piercing blue eyes are dulled with lust and her parted lips are just begging me to touch her in the most beautiful ways. “Liina...” I say her name softly as I touch her breast, never looking away from her gaze.

I increase the pressure of my fingers slightly. “Carmela...” She moans my name lightly, sending shivers down my spine. I reach my free hand under her and unhook her bra with ease. Her breasts, unused to the confinement, immediately take advantage of the offered space. I pull the bra off of her, exposing her perfect breasts and rosy pink nipples. I break our eye contact to put my lips just beneath her ear, kissing her softly.

She moans lightly under the intimate kissing, and I continue to plant wet kisses down her neck. I reach the crook of her neck, giving her soft skin small licks and listening to her throaty moans. I begin another trail of kisses to the heart of her bosom, her beautiful cleavage. I kiss each breast gently before taking the nub I had previously neglected into my mouth. I circle my tongue around it, listening to her moan my name lightly before applying gentle suction.

“Carmela...” she moans softly, “I-I'm r-really wet...” I smile slightly into my actions. I remember how shy this woman used to be; she would have never said anything like that when I first met her... But, she's still my innocent little Liina... Just with a dirtier mouth. I trail a hand down her chest, then her stomach. I reach the top of her skirt and pull it off. The second her skirt is out of the way, I place my hand between her legs and running a finger over her clothed slit. “Mm!” Her significantly louder, sharp moan encourages me to continue.

These past four months, she's been letting me touch her pussy. I was so happy the first time, because I could finally pleasure her properly. The first two months, she only let me rub her through her panties, but after that, she let me have free reign. She's already soaked through her panties... I love teasing her like this. The fabric gets so slick, and she can feel everything I'm doing without it being overstimulating.

I run my finger down her slit again, feeling every contour of her dripping womanhood through the paper-thin fabric. “Carmela...” Still using my mouth on her breasts, I use my thumb to rub her clit back and forth in a rhythm I've found to be perfect for getting her to orgasm quickly and intensely. Sure enough, her moans are becoming louder and more incoherent, and her face is flushing more so than usual.

“Carmela, I-” she starts to moan, but cuts herself off, blushing intensely, “I-I'm gonna...” Her body twitches under mine in such a way that I know she's right on the verge. “Carmela!” She all but screams my name as her back arches upwards. Liina's orgasm, to this day, is the single most beautiful thing I've ever seen. The first time she came, I was literally speechless. The way her body twitched and her back arches and the way her eyes shut and her face contorts... Nothing could ever describe how beautiful that fleeting moment is.

I remove my hands and mouth from her body to give her a much needed moment of rest and look into her lust dulled eyes as she pants roughly over and over, desperate to catch her breath. She always comes so hard for me... “I love you, Liina,” I whisper softly, holding her still shaking frame against me. “I,” she pants, “Love you too,” pant, “Carmela...” I kiss her passionately, but not deeply, knowing that she need to compose herself. She lays there for several more minutes until her breathing returns to some normalcy.

“Carmela?” “Yes, sweetheart?” “I want you to...” she turns red, “I want to feel your fingers in me.” I smile and immediately set to work fulfilling her request. I start to pull her panties down and off, but she stops me. “You think I'm going to let you get away with having all of your clothes on?” she asks incredulously. She's right; I've yet to remove a single article of clothing. Liina sits herself up and playfully pushes me against the bed, mimicking the way I always undress her.

She straddles me and slides her hand under my T-shirt, pushing it up before pulling it over my head. She locks lips with me and begins to fiddle with the hooks, eventually getting it off. She even has trouble getting them off of herself when she wears them, so I never expect her to get mine off in any hurry. She grabs my somewhat small, somewhat full breasts with both hands an fondles them gently. She leans over and licks a perky nipple, causing me to groan.

I can feel her pussy against my stomach through her still soaked panties. I can tell she's getting hotter and wetter with every second of getting me out of my clothes. She continues to lick and suck at my breasts for a little while before moving her hands to my pants. She unbuttons and unzips my jeans before pulling them off and taking my panties with them. “Unfair,” I say with a smile, before switching our positions once more.

I manage to slide her panties off of her curvy hips (finally) and get a look at the beautiful pussy I've seen far too little of. The soft, blonde curls obscure her most delicate parts in a way that's much too sensual to put into words. The inner lips are shiny with her juices, and I have to fight off the urge to bury my face into her womanly folds and lick her clean. I instead taste her mouth and run my hand down her body once more, tweaking her sensitive nipples and lightly brushing against her ticklish stomach.

I reach my destination, playing with the fold and her clit and listening to her moan. She's already soaked and doesn't need much prep. My index finger slips right in with no resistance, and my middle finger soon after. She's soaked inside too, and hot. I curl my fingers carefully inside her, locating her G-spot and giving it a light rub with the pads of my fingers. She moans and reflexively attempts to close her legs to intensify the feelings inside her.

I begin to slowly push my fingers in and out of her tight heat, listening to her moan my name. She wastes no time in directing me to the motions she wants tonight. She wants me to go slowly and deep inside... I oblige her as best I can with my thin fingers, ensuring that I rub against her G-spot with every thrust of my fingers. It doesn't take long before she's giving me her telltale twitches and high-pitched moans. Her tight body clenches around my fingers and she moans my name, pushing herself back against my fingers.

“I-I came...” she pants softly as I remove my fingers from her heat. “I know you did,” I say with a smile. I bring my juice covered hand upwards, about to wipe it off with the tissues we always keep handy. That was the intent, anyway. But as my hand came closer to my face, I could see clearly her thick fluids coating my hand. How had I wasted this before...? Without a second thought, I bring the fingers to my mouth and begin to lick them clean.

S-She tastes amazing, just like I thought she would... I quickly lick my hand of all of her sweet, tasty fluids before I notice the shocked look Liina is giving me. “D-Did you just do what I think you did?” Immediately, I feel guilty. I probably should have asked her if it was okay... “I'm so sorry! I didn't even think about it, I just-” I'm cut off by lips covering mine and tongue pushing it's way into my mouth.

She pulls away after a short moment, licking her lips. “I-I was curious... D-D-Did I taste good to you?” “Delicious...” I whisper softly, pulling her nude body against mine. “You'll get to taste directly in a few weeks...” “I can't wait..” We sit in comfortable silence for a long time. “Carmela?” “Yeah?” “I wanna touch you...”

I look at her with mild shock and amusement. She's never touched me before, and I've never tried to get her to. “You don't have to do anything, Liina...” “I want to...” She reaches a hand down to my pussy and curiously explores the folds. There's no denying my wetness now; I'm soaked and she knows it. “You're so wet, Carmela...” “Pleasuring you always makes me wet...” She runs a finger down my slit as I do so often to her. Now I know why I do it; it feels amazing.

I let out an involuntary moan. Liina turns read, but continues to rub me up and down. She starts to play with my clit, not knowing that I'm not quite ready for that much stimulation. I inevitably wince at her being too rough with it too soon. She's never done this to another girl; I don't expect her to know how to please me. She looks horrified. “D-Did I hurt you?” Scratch that, near tears is a better way to put it.

“Liina...” I whisper her name softly and hold her against my bare chest. “I-I'm so sorry, Carmela... I j-just w-wanted to make you f-feel good...” Okay, she is crying... “Sweetheart,” I whisper, “It's okay... You're inexperienced... I don't expect you to pleasure me...” “B-But I want to s-so bad...” her voice cracks through her tears. I hate seeing her upset about something silly like this, but at the same time, she's being so adorable. I giggle and hold her tighter. “Tell you what,” I propose, “Tomorrow night, I'll show you exactly what to do.” “R-Really?” she asks, sniffling and trying to hold back more tears. “I promise.”

She calms down after that, and relaxes into my arms. Soon after, she falls asleep. Orgasm is truly the best sleeping aid. Normally, I'd finish myself and get to sleep right after her, but tonight I just want to keep holding her. She's so beautiful and fragile, like a doll. “Goodnight,” I say softly to her sleeping frame before I drift off myself.

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