“Do we really have to go?” “Carmela. You know we have to go.” “We haven't missed that many days...” Liina continues to dress herself as I lie face down on the bed, stubbornly refusing to move. “Quit whining so much! It does us no good to just sit around.” She's facing away from me... Maybe I can still talk her out of going to school. I stand up silently, still nude, and walk up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist. “Carmela!” she says sharply. Heh, as if she doesn't want this.

I grab her breasts through her shirt roughly, pressing my own against her back; no bra, as usual. God, I love that about her. I place my hands under her ample breasts and enjoy the weight in my hands. I momentarily remove a hand to brush her hair aside, returning it to her breast immediately after. I teasingly put my lips against her neck, giving her a small kiss. “Come on, Liina,” I whisper, breathing against her neck, “Let's stay in today and have some fun...”

She moans lightly at the feel of my hands and breath. “N-no... We have to go to school...” I grope her breasts more directly and pinch her already hardened nipples through the thin fabric of her shirt. “Come on, Liina...” I whisper directly into her ear, “You know you want to stay in bed with me all day...” I lick the shell of her ear for emphasis and her breath hitches. “F-fine!” She makes an adorable attempt to sound indignant, but I recognize the sweet sound of surrender in her voice.

I lay passionate kisses along her neck and begin to set myself upon the task of undressing the present that she so carefully wrapped. Keeping my breasts pressed firmly against her back, I unbutton the front of her shirt. I slip the shirt over her shoulders, and it drops to the ground. She tries to turn towards me, but I don't let her. I hold her close and continue to plant kisses along her slender neck.

“Liina,” I whisper, “Remember last night? How I said I'd show you exactly what to do?” She nods rather frantically. So cute. “How about I show you now?” She turns her head back to look at me with red on her face. “R-really?” “Really,” I reply softly. She averts her gaze. “I... I would like that...” She states the fact quietly, embarrassed. I quickly strip her of the rest of her clothes and pick her up bridal style; something I seldom do.

Her face turns beet red and I smile to myself. This is why I only pick her up like this sometimes. Every time I do it, it becomes a treat for us both. I carry her to the bed and gently lie her down, laying myself on top of her. I hold her to me lovingly for a few short moments. She tolerates it, but quickly switches our positions. “I'm missing school to learn how to pleasure you... So that's what I'm going to do.”

She kisses down the nape of my neck softly before reaching her first destination: my breasts. She takes an already hardened nub into her mouth and suckles gently. “Mm...” I moan softly as I settle into the feeling. This is familiar territory to me. I don't have very sensitive breasts, but when this beautiful woman is kissing, licking, sucking, and doing everything she can to please me, how can I resist letting out a moan or two?

Her hand takes over the breast not occupied by her warm mouth. The sensation of her hands and mouth working on my breasts is just... exquisite. She may not have a lot of experience, but she's earnest. That's all that really matters, a willingness to learn the nuances of another person. I remember when I was earnest that way, so desperate to learn and please. But after many partners and the countless nights of moaning filling my ears, I grew cocky.

With Liina, though... I feel the earnestness again... A desire to please, but not to show off my skill. I want to give her the utmost pleasure. I want to make her feel the waves of orgasm crest and break about her. I want to take her to the highest mountain tops and make her see stars. That earnestness is there every time I touch her.

As soon as she gets me sufficiently wet through sucking and licking and groping at my breasts, she pulls herself up to kiss me and looks to me for guidance on how to go further. “Do what you started off doing yesterday...” I whisper breathlessly. Her hand slides down my body, and she begins to rub my slit up and down, feeling my wet heat. “You're so wet, Carmela...” My face tints red. “Of course I am... I'm not used to being touched...”

No one's ever really touched me there before... I'm so used to doling out the pleasure that being so vulnerable makes me feel... embarrassed, almost. Her hand falters. “How can you have made love to so many women and still not be used to being touched?” The question is punctuated with jealousy and a failed attempt to hide sadness. My past really upsets her, and it's not something we talk about... “I've never made love to anyone, Liina... You're gonna be the first...” I say softly, pulling her close to me and kissing her gently, “I love you, Liina...”

Her face reddens, and she brushes her fingers lightly across my womanhood. “Mm...” I give an encouraging moan, “Yeah, just like that...” “I love you too, Carmela...” She says my name softly, beginning to touch me with more fervor. I moan unabashedly. “That feels so good, Liina...” My body's responding to her touch so quickly... Have I really been living without this for my entire sexual life? I'm a complete idiot.

“L-Liina...” I whisper softly, voice shaking from intense arousal, “you can touch me however you like now...” My body's definitely ready for anything she can throw at me this time. I don't think I've ever been this slick in my life... She moves her hand to the front of my pussy and cautiously runs her thumb down my clit. I shudder like I never have in my life. My back arches, and I moan and grip the sheets, and for the first time in my entire life, I really feel like a virgin.

My sudden and violent reaction causes her to jerk her hand away. “D-did I hurt you?” I look into her blue, blue eyes that are beginning to tear up. As cruel as it is to say, she looks adorable when she's about to cry. “N-no... It just felt so good... Please do it again...” She smiles at me, overjoyed that she could actually bring me pleasure. She rarely looks that happy, and it makes me smile too. She returns her hand to my womanhood, excited to elicit more reactions from me.

She circles a finger around my clit, forcing me into more involuntary moaning. “T-that feels amazing...” I whisper softly in her ear. She begins to rub my clit more directly, touching the sides, listening to all of my throaty reactions and feeling every muscle in my body tighten under her touch. I feel helpless under her hands, but it's amazing in a way I could never have imagined. I never thought that feeling helpless would bring me so much enjoyment.

“Carmela?” She looks into my eyes with so much gentleness. “Yeah?” “M-may I... Um... That is to say... I would like to... If you'd let me...” “You know you can ask me anything, Liina...” “Yes... Of course... Um... I want to... get a closer look, so... m-may I move further down?” I stare at her incredulously for a long moment. “Please don't get the wrong idea!” she adds quickly, “I just really want to see you fully...” There's that earnestness again... “Of course you can...” I whisper softly.

She kisses me softly for a moment before breaking away and moving her body downwards. She takes a long moment to just lay her head on my chest. “I can hear your heart beating,” she whispers, sounding almost awestruck. I laugh. “It does that sometimes.” She smiles up at me and kisses the part of my chest that houses my heart. “I'm glad it does,” she says softly. What am I supposed to say back to that, Liina...? I stare into her eyes for several minutes before she kisses my chest once more and shifts her body downwards.

I love this woman. I really love this woman. I really, really love this woman. All the people in the world who tell me loving a woman is sinful need to see me with this woman. There is not a single display of affection on this earth that could be so tender and loving. If that's sinful, then I am so proud to be a sinner.

She settles herself between my knees and takes a moment to stare in awe at my most precious and personal spot. No one's seen it this close before... I can't help my face from flushing and the surge of moistness between my legs. God, how can she do this to me? I'm supposed to be cold and dominating. Here she is, making me blush like the schoolgirl I'm supposed to be. Making me blush like a virgin... I am a virgin to this... To love...

I can't help but think about how happy I feel now, and I wonder how happy I'll be in a week when I can lay this beautiful woman down and make love to her. It'll be perfect... Amazing...

Her gaze is focused intently on my most private spot. Her face is flushed and she uses her hand to explore me fully. “You're so beautiful here,” she whispers, gently spreading my lower lips with her fingers. Liina... My thoughts turn to love once more.

For her, I'd go to the ends of the earth. For her, I'd purify myself... Liina... I want you to be my first... My real first... For the first time in my life, I regret giving up myself sexually to any girl. This woman was made to be my first... And I'll make it so. I can't change the past, but I can rewrite my feelings towards it. You'll be my first, Liina... And that'll be the way I'll always remember my first time. I'll be your virgin, Liina...

As this inner monologue runs through my head, the events unfolding on my bed continue. Her talented fingers are directly touching my clit, and I'm moaning her name. Moaning someone's name... I always saw it as a sign of submission, of weakness... Not with Liina, though... I don't mind showing my submissive side to Liina. “Mmm... Liina... P-put your fingers inside...”

She runs her hands along my inner thighs, as I often do to her, forcing me into heightened arousal. She's teasing me... “P-please...” The pitiful wail that escapes my lips shocks us both. What is this woman doing to me? Her lips curl into a smile as a few stray fingers rub against my center. “Now, Liina...” I've never had anything inside of me, not even my own fingers... She slowly slips her middle and forefinger into my heat.

I expect to be overwhelmed with pleasure, but I feel mostly mild discomfort. It hurts a little... “J-just one finger, Liina... Please...” I choke out. I would've thought I could handle more... I'm almost disappointed... She removes a finger as I requested and rubs my clit gently with her thumb. “I'm sorry,” she whispers, “I was being hasty...” “It's fine, Liina... I'm still wet, and it feels amazing now... No harm done...”

Her finger twists inside me, poking and prodding at parts I haven't touched myself. It feels so good... “Liina...” I moan softly as my womanhood grows more and more slick. Everything feels amazing. She curls her finger inside me and starts rubbing the front wall, looking for- “Liina!” My g-spot... She found it...

She rubs the spot again and again, and I can't help but feel a little proud that this is how I make her feel almost every night. I can't stop myself from moaning her name and thrusting my hips down against her hand. I'm gonna come soon at this rate... “Come for me, Carmela...” she whispers as she rubs my g-spot vigorously. She's looking up at my face with a hungry look in her eyes. I look into her eyes and feel every muscle tighten in my body as my orgasm peaks. “Liina! Liina!” I moan her name loudly again and again.

I slowly but surely come down from my high, my breathing returning to normal. “You look so beautiful when you come... I've never gotten to see you before...” The statement makes me blush further. I look away, trying to maintain my composure after the most intense orgasm of my life. But then I start to feel a unique, soft, moist sensation against my still trembling center. I look down to see Liina's open mouth and outstretched tongue. S-she's licking me...

“Liina, what are you doing?!” She ignores my question, continuing to lick me. My body shudders. It feels so much better than anything she's ever done before... “L-Liina... I don't want you doing anything you don't want to...” She takes her mouth away momentarily and looks into my eyes. “I want to, Carmela. I may not be ready for you to do it to me, but I want to do this. I'm sure of that.”

I lay my head back, feeling more secure. If she really wants to, I won't stop her. Her mouth feels amazing on me... Before, it felt great, but... This is just so perfect... Her hand rests on my stomach and I reach down and grab it, locking fingers. This feels even better. Her tongue licks me up and down, being wary of my clit. She pulls away for a short moment. “You taste so good, Carmela...”

She dives back into my folds, licking with more vigor. Her tongue enters my heat, making me moan. “G-god, Liina, that feels amazing...” She probes her tongue around inside me, doing her best to make me feel good. She's doing so good... My first time licking someone, they didn't moan nearly as much. Maybe I'm just more sensitive than I thought. Her tongue slips out from inside me and begins to circle around my clit. “Mm...” I couldn't stop myself from moaning if I wanted to.

She begins laving at my clit gently, flattening her tongue. I shudder. If she keeps this up, I'm gonna come again... Her tongue drags across my entire slit once more, lapping up the juices that gathered. She quickly returns to my clit, no longer trying to be gentle. I'm definitely hot enough to handle anything her mouth can do to me. She puts her mouth against my womanhood, wrapping her lips around my clit. She's not gonna...

“Fuck, Liina...” The curses come second nature as she applies light suction to my clit. It took all my nerve not to scream it. Where the hell did she learn all this from? I've barely told her anything. She continues to suck and lick at my clit earnestly, making me curse and moan under my breath. I'm getting closer and closer to the edge. “L-Li-, F-Fuck, L-Liina, I'm c-coming!” I don't hold back on my moans, curses, and stuttered speech. I don't hold back on volume either.

Fuck what I said earlier, THAT was the most intense orgasm of my life. I'm literally trembling and panting and twitching. She laps up the remainder of the fluids between my legs and climbs back on top of me, just resting her head against my chest, but looking away from my face. “D-did I do good, Carmela?” I try to catch my breath to answer her question. “What do you think?” I manage to pant. “I-I don't know...” She turns her face to mine, and it's redder than it's ever been. She looks so adorable right now...

“You did absolutely amazing, Liina...” “R-really?” She gives me a look, seeking reassurance. “Yes... I wouldn't have come like that if you hadn't been anything but amazing...” She turns her face away from me in embarrassment, laying the side of her face against my breasts. “I love you, Carmela,” she says simply. “I love you too, Liina.” I wrap my arms around her small frame and we lay that way for about an hour, not speaking.

“Carmela?” “Yes, love?” She doesn't answer back for a minute, collecting her thoughts. “I want to be with you forever, Carmela...” The words put an instant smile on my face. “I want to be with you forever too.” Liina lifts her front up a little and faces me with a serious look in her eyes. “You mean that?” I cup her cheek with my hand, stroking it with my thumb. “Of course I do.” “That... That makes me so happy...” Tears start welling up in her eyes. “Liina...”

“N-n-no one in my life has ever... I-I've never been sure about any of them. I always felt like they'd be around if the conditions were right for them. But you... I don't care if I'm being stupid or naive, but I am so sure about you. Nothing makes me doubt you. My life has been one uncertainty after another... And you... You make me feel so certain about my life. I can dream of my future now, because I'm absolutely sure it'll have you in it.”

I wipe away her tears with my hands and lightly kiss her forehead. “I love you so much, Liina... You'll have my heart until the day I die...” Liina's tears being to flow once more. How does she manage to be so beautiful, so intelligent, so sweet, so sensual, so... perfect...? I kiss away her tears and hold her tight against me. There has never been a more peaceful sight in this world than this amazing woman laying in my arms.

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