Have I really been missing this?

The smell of the air before it rains,

The smokey rain clouds rolling in

And the way the sun always peaks through

Or makes the clouds glow.

In this world,

There's so much to love

And, truely, so little to hate.

And the things that we hate

Are insignificant, small, and weak.

I've hated so deeply

These past few months.

My pain and rage consumed me.

All I felt was burning fire in my gut.

That fire swallowed my spirit,

My personality, my friends.

Declutter your mind,

Someone told me,

Relax and you'll notice

All the beatiful things around. 

And now, as I breathe deep,

I realize how much I missed

The smell of the grass

The happiness nature gave me

The peace of a strong gust in summer.

There's so much to love

And so little to hate.

So, why did I,

As someone of strong will,

Let the things I hate 

Conquer that which I love?

Betrayal, Lust, Love

Rage, Pride, Sin,

Pain, Hatred, Envy.

These emotions tore through me like rapids,

All in a few months time.

This wave of emotion

Crushed my soul,

Scattered my thougts,

Pained my concience. 

It's time to let go.

It's past time to let go.

The pain will stay, deep inside,

But it doesn't have to own me.

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