Driving Lessons 1

“Master, are you sure you want to do this?” Seras asked looking worried. “I want to see what is up with these infernal machines that humans love so much,” he replied. “Where do these things go?” he asked, holding up the keys, jingling them slightly. “Those would be called keys, and they go in the ignition, Master,” she said with a sigh.

Master is so stubborn. He has no technological skills, but he insists on learning how to work electronics, even if he fails miserably. There was something unsettling about Master behind the wheel of a car. Today was going to be a trying day.

“You did ask Sir Integra if we could borrow her car, right, Master?” “Umm... Maybe,” he said with a little smile. “Master, are we stealing Sir Integra’s car?” Seras asked, knowing the answer. “Just for today,” Master murmured, as he fumbled around with the keys, trying to find the ignition, “I want to know how to drive.” “But Master, you can teleport,” Seras said. “Where is this ignition you spoke of?” he asked, getting frustrated.

Seras sighed once more and pointed to the ignition. Amazingly, Master knew to turn the key once he put it in. “I’m impressed,” Seras said sarcastically. She soon regretted it, as now Master’s eyes were upon her, with one eyebrow sporadically twitching. She calmly told him the next few steps. Instead of cruising out of the parking space, like she told him, Alucard saw it fit to see to some chaos, he threw the car into reverse and, WHAM!, straight into the car behind him.

“Master, what did you do?!” Seras screamed. “Nothing,” he said menacingly. Now he heard the car alarm from the car he plowed into. “What the hell is that noise!” he screamed, pulling out his gun. “No! Master put that...” she started to say, but she was too late. He was already shooting the car. “Damn it, Master! Can you do anything without shooting something up?” Seras exclaimed. “No,” he said, giving her on of his patented innocent smiles, “Let’s finish our lesson.”

Seras sighed, and looked at her Master. He looked so pitiful. “Very well. Pull out of the space, the right way!” she said. He pulled out the right way, and seemed to get the general idea of it. “Alright, I think your ready to go on the street,” Seras said, actually impressed. “Are you kidding?,” Master said in disbelief, “I’m taking this thing out on the highway.” I’m going to die, Seras thought, now scared for her life.

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