Driving Lessons 2

What her Master did not realize, was that you have to go onto the streets to get to the highway. Realizing this, Seras told him. He looked at her, disappointed that he could not get the speed he wanted right away. “Police Girl, you are to show me the quickest way to the highway.”

“Very well,” she muttered. She told him the way. He went down the streets normally, that is, until they hit a red-light. He simply said, “Why must we wait for these cars?  We’re more important!” “Well, Master it’s ille…” Seras began, and then he ran the red-light. “Master! What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing?!” “Nothing,” he said, “Was I supposed to go?” “No. No, Master, you weren't supposed to go.”

“Master, don’t you think that you’re going a bit fast,” Seras said as her Master sped up maliciously. “Nope,” he said with a smile, as he sped up even more. Now, Seras heard the sirens of police cars. “Master! Master, you must pull over this instant!” Seras shouted. “Stop yelling. I can’t pull over; the police will arrest me,” he said. “Of course they’ll arrest you! You’re going 100 kilometers an hour in a residential area!” she exclaimed looking at the speedometer.

Little did Seras know, her bad situation was about to get worse. Her Master had found the highway. He accelerated to around 150 kilometers an hour. Seras screamed at this sudden burst of speed. At this point, about five police cruisers were following, along with a news helicopter. Great, Seras thought, now people are going to think I’m some crazy woman, riding in a car with him. She looked at her Master resentfully. He was clearly enjoying this, as he laughed and giggled with delight at the cruisers on their tail.

As is to taunt the cops more, he turned straight around, doing a complete doughnut in the highway, a going headfirst into them, to make them scurry around like mice. His ploy worked, and he power slid to a stop in the middle of the cruisers before continuing on his original path. “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING MASTER!!” Seras screamed so loud her throat hurt. “I’m having fun,” her Master said, beginning to laugh manically. Then he got that twisted look in his eye. “Oh no. Master’s gone insane,” Seras said to herself.

Back at Hellsing Headquarters, Integra was relaxing, without Alucard and Seras around to bug her, she was enjoying her much needed day off. She was laying on her bed flipping through channels, when she heard on the news station, “The car has been identified as belonging to Integra Hellsing. The high speed chase is quickly getting out of hand, with the car going 180 kilometers an hour.” “ALUCARD!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, “YOU HAVE DONE IT NOW! Walter! Fetch me my coat, I am going to go sort this mess out myself!”

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