Driving Lessons 3 

“Walter, I’m borrowing your car, okay?” Integra said. “Of course, Sir Integra, but do you not have your car?” Walter asked curiously. “Not currently. Our bastard vampires stole it and are running amuck throughout London.” “Oh dear,” Walter said, then he smiled, “They need to be punished for this.” “Yes, they do. I’ll be creative with this one,” Integra laughed. She had a knack for making punishments unbearably humiliating.

Integra drove about twenty kilometers from where the news said that her cars was and waited in the middle of the highway. If the news was correct, she wouldn’t need to wait for long.

Alucard and Seras came barreling down the highway in Integra’s car. Alucard was having to much fun with the police cars to notice that Integra was standing in the road. Luckily, Seras noticed and yelled, “Master, Integra’s standing in the road! Look out!” Her Master noticed just in time and swerved off the road hitting a tree.

If they hadn’t been vampires that crash defiantly would have killed them. The fuel was leaking badly, if that caught on fire, the car would explode. Seras and Alucard both rolled out of the car, landing at Integra’s feet. She stared down at them with the rage and fury that says, “I’m going to murder you bitches.”

“Get into the car,” Integra said through teeth gritted with rage. “Master, I’m so sorry…,” Alucard began to plead. “NOW!” Integra screamed. Without another word, Seras and Alucard crept into Walter’s car. Integra steped into the car and said, “I had better not have to get a new car! If I do, I will make tomorrow a living hell.” No sooner than she said that, they heard a huge explosion behind them.

Integra, eyebrow twitching, turned slowly in her seat to see her car engulfed in flames. “Oh, now you bastards are really going to get it!!” Integra screamed. She drove back to headquarters about 15 kilometers over the speed limit. “You two,” she said when she was sitting down with a cigar, “will go to bed with no supper. I’ll think of punishment for you in the morning. You will wake up promptly at eight AM. No waking up at night tomorrow.”

“Come in Alucard,” Integra said smiling. She’d given him and Seras their punishments, and she was quite please with their humiliation. Alucard came in with a tray covered with sugar, cream, teacups, a teapot, and saucers. “Your morning tea, Sir Integra?” he said, showing displeasure at every word. “Thank you Alucard. Two sugars, please,” she said enjoying every word. Alucard made her tea, and then she dismissed him with a wave of her hand. As soon as he turned around, Integra burst out laughing. According to her instruction, Alucard had to wear a frilly, pink apron throughout headquarters, and nothing else. No luxury of even underwear. “Send Seras and Pip up after you, I’d like to see what Pip came up with for her punishment.”

She couldn’t think of anything particularity humiliating for Seras, so Pip volunteered to think of something. Whatever he came up with, she was sure, would be perverted, but she wanted to know how messed up her mercenary captain really was. Pip came in first and said, “Oh, I came up with somezing very humiliating.” He smiled as Seras came in the door. She was wearing a Playboy Bunny costume, barely covering her breasts. “She has had to walk around my men wearing zat,” Pip said as Seras flashed him a dirty look.

Integra felt satisfied with the punishments, so she dismissed them both. “Ah,” she said, “Perfect humiliation.”  “Alucard,” she called. “Yes, Master,” he said still with anger. “No need to be testy. I just wanted to tell you how pretty you look in that apron,” she began laughing hysterically. Alucard disappeared into the wall blushing with embarrassment. “Walter,” she called, eyes filled with tears of laughter, “bring me a cigar.”
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