For You

These damn tears I've never cried before.
These damn feelings I've never felt before.
Why are you like this?
Why is it when I'm with you, I feel so hopelessly in love?
How can anyone do this to me?

Once I was so strong,
But now I've been broken down.
I never laid back for anyone.
No one saw the sensitive person I was.
Then you showed up.
Your my whirlwind, you ass.
And you don't even realize it.

You came in,
Broke my composure,
Saved me from myself,
And then we parted.

It wasn't until recently that I realize how much I owe you,
For saving me back then.
You kept me sane,
You kept me from becoming what I hate.
You were exactly what I needed.
I may not be religious, but you're my angel.

I don't care if I'm annoying you,
I want to be there.
I want to help you.
I want work off that giant debt I owe you,
Even though that's impossible,
'Cause we both know that even if I saved your life,
It still wouldn't be enough.

You're a real bastard.
But I love you.
So, so much.
I can't think of myself with anyone else, thanks to you.
You're the only one I truly want to be with.
Please listen, and try not to pity me.

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