A Short Bio

I was born in a town called Jesup, GA, a fairly small, redneck town. Interestingly enough, it garnered some fame among the gay community because a certain doctor by the name of Claire Hicks began openly treating AIDS patients at a time when AIDS was still a hushed, shameful, and nearly always lethal matter. Also interesting, this was the doctor who delivered me when I was born. 

The most important people to me are my family: my mom, dad, step-dad, brother, sister, sister-in-law, and nieces. Those are my immediate family as far as I am concerned, and all of them are... interesting people to say the least. My parents, all three of them, are a bit crazy. My mom is wound up pretty tight, step-dad's super anal, and my father is, well... He's autistic, actually. Asperger's Syndrome, which my two siblings also have. All of them have gotten much better in recent years, but I always try to remember where they came from and remind me of how much people can change.

My brother is married, with two children. His wife is like a big sister to me, and she's been in my life since I was about six. His oldest daughter is has been with me since I was seven, so essentially, I gained two siblings out of one. 

My older sister deserves a paragraph all her own, though. I don't really talk about it much just because, well, I don't really think about it much, but my sister wasn't always my sister. Well, she's always been my sister, but she wasn't always female. She's a transwoman, meaning she was born male. For the first 19 years of her life, she lived as male. I was the first person in the immediate family. I love my sister a lot, even though she could be cruel growing up. Looking back on it, though, and speaking to her, I realized that there was a lot of jealousy she had towards me. I had something that seemed unattainable to her: femininity. After realizing that, our relationship became much stronger. Despite her living in Chicago now, we still talk all the time. I'll write more about my sister another time, definitely.

At about two, my family relocated to Savannah, GA, and that's where I grew up and still live. Savannah's a beautiful city known for it's history and tourism. It was a great place to grow up, and I love it dearly. Many of the unique aspects of Savannah played a huge part in how I grew up, how I think, and how I treat others. 

As a child, I never enjoyed writing, though I love coming up with stories. I was the sort of person that holding a pencil was uncomfortable, and I took several minutes just write one sentence. The content was always great, but I simply couldn't work with my hands. One day, though, when I was eleven, I was struck with inspiration, and I just had to write out this little story. I grabbed my mother's laptop and typed it in less than an hour. That story was Insane, and can still be read on this site. 

That story has held meaning to me since that day. I gave it to my Language Arts teacher, Ms. Stringer. She was so helpful in building my confidence. Every time I wrote a new story, she would read it to the class. And not even just my class! Her three other classes would be read to as well. I credit her with giving me the confidence to really start writing. After I started writing, a period of discovery came with it. I began to think more critically about myself and my beliefs. I renounced my faith and became an atheist. A year later, I realized I was at the very least bisexual (though later, I would begin to identify as pansexual). 

My writing earned me top marks in school, and in a roundabout way, got me into university at the age of sixteen. That's when the quality of my writing really exploded. It became sleeker, more stylized, more utilitarian. It was a huge period of growth. I credit that to another teacher, a professor by the name of Melanie Brown. She was encouraging and critical in all the right places. I really blossomed at that school. The college, Savannah State University, has a pretty bad rap. Honestly, though, that school had the most amazing professors I've ever had. 

You know what's kind of funny? I don't want to write for a career. I consider it a hobby, nothing more. It's something I love, study, and enjoy. It's my biggest passion, and I will always write. But let's face it! It's not very practical. I would starve trying to make it as a writer. I decided to go another route, incorporating more practical passions of mine: foreign language and money! Haha, that's not entirely true, I guess, but the career I have my eye on should provide well for me. Currently, I'm majoring in Marketing, International Business, and the Chinese language. Yes, that's right, I speak freaking Chinese. 

This bio has gone on far too long to be short, but I did what I set out to do. Hopefully you readers feel a bit more of a personal connection knowing some things about me! Maybe I'll do a longer autobiography at some point, but not anytime soon!

Contact Information

I am reachable by e-mail at gabrielle.valentine.author@gmail.com

Skype messenger: Hellsing-lover13 (Make sure you tell me who you are/how you know me/what you want, or I won't answer!)

Deviantart - Hellsing-Lover13

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