Plain as death, now I see,
How true love can be.
The shame rises like a ballon.
This pain I feel, deep as my bones,
Destroys my mind and soul.

You lie there in your prettiest dress,
As people cry and cry.
Your pale skin, the color of moonlight, flatters you.
Looking back, I now know what I had.
You lie in your coffin, as the first tears graced my eyes.
Why did I commit this act?
What have I done?

I stood and went to you.
I bent and whispered in your ear,
“I love you.
And truelove never dies,
Even if the lover does.”
My tears splashed on your face as I cried.
I cried like the smallest child away from their mother.
I kissed your pale, cold cheek.

Goodbye, my love.
You will never dance in the sun again.
You will never see the rain again.
You will never get to see the snow, beautiful and white on the ground.
I turned and left without a word.

I turned around for one last glance,
And thought to my self,
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