Indecisiveness is a Bitch 

In a particular secondary school, drama was happening, as it often does in secondary school. It started as that normal he said-she said bullshit, if I may quote Limp Bizkit, but turned into something much more terrifying and violent that caused an indecisive boy's true feelings to emerge. He was a cute and sweet boy, virgin in the ways of women and love. Even so, he always had a nagging fan club following him everywhere he went. Everywhere it was, "Do you like me, Alec?" and the answer was always, "I don't know."

I hate to say it, but I was a member of that fan club. I didn't hang out with them or talk to them at all, but I shared that common desire for the indecisive bastard, as I liked to call him. I knew him better than anyone of the other girls, living only a few streets away and seeing him daily as I took my walk. He was kind and quiet, only really talking to his close friends, but I liked him nonetheless. I was barely his friend, and I made a mistake, a big one in my opinion.

"I like you a lot," I told him once after asking him to meet outside his house, "Do you like me back?" Then I got the dreaded answer, "I don't know." "You have to know," I replied, "Everyone knows if they like someone or not." "I need to think about it. I'll tell you tomorrow in class." But he didn't tell me the next day, nor the next, nor the day after that. Before I knew it, a month had passed. I brought it up on several occasions and made it a point to small-talk him daily. But always the answer was, "Maybe, or I don't know."

Meanwhile, another girl in the fan club, Shalonde', was becoming jealous. She had  actually been my friend once, but that ended when she walked up to me during class and yelled, "Alec is mine." Feeling somewhat angered and a bit jealous myself, I smiled at her and calmly said, just to get under her skin, "No, actually, he's mine." She opened her mouth to reply, but class had started and she slinked off to her corner of hell, I mean, the class -cough-.

I began to ignore, and even, avoid Alec. Immersing myself in Rammstein helped, but every now and again, I would catch myself staring at him and even more embarrassing, him catching me staring. Things were doing better until one day, I was walking out the door of one class, and there was Shalonde', yelling, once again, "Anna, Alec is mine." I turned my nose up at her and walked past, saying that he doesn't belong to anyone.

It went one normally for a few weeks. Alec was happily playing a game with his friends on the computer, me watching him silently. His smile was so beautiful... Without realizing it, I walked up behind him, and before I could stop myself, hugged him tight around his neck and chest, resting my head on top of his for a long moment. He didn't pull away, but when I did, I saw his face was very red with embarrassment. I smiled and asked him if he minded me hugging me, he shook his head no; that was the first, THE FIRST, decisive answer he had given me, and it was almost the last, too.

Shalonde', watching from the door, saw what had transpired and ran over to me, very near tears. Without a word, she punched me square in the nose. I felt it break and blood poured down my front for everyone to see. "I don't want to hurt you," I said, taking in a sharp breath from my mouth. As the teacher ran to pull her off, she threw her weight into one solid punch to my torso, cracking some of my lower ribs and definitely doing something bad to my stomach.

I vomited up a large amount of blood and punched her hard in the nose, knocking her unconscious and a few feet away. I staggered and spat out some blood before vomiting up a torrent more. Voices chattered around me, but not the excited kind normally heard after a fight. No, these voices were concerned, worried for my safety and health. With another small stagger, I fell into a semi-unconscious state, dropping my body onto that of the person who technically caused my current pain. I heard his voice in my slumber. He was the most worried out of anyone. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders as I vomited blood in my weariness.

I was placed carefully on the ground and lay there for what seemed like hours. I heard paramedics come in and assess the damage done. Words like "fractured rib cage", "lacerated stomach", and "loss too much blood," fluttered around the room until I heard no more. I was awoken to a sharp electric shock and the painful, teary voice of Alec whispering, "I could have stopped this..." I reached over and felt for his hand. I felt it and grabbed it tightly, opening my eyes slightly and whispering, "Don't blame yourself. Not ever," and everything went black and silent again.

I awoke, though achy, to the words, "She's dong much better, thanks to you being here with her." I opened my eyes slowly. The first thing I saw was Alec's face smiling down at me in a hospital bed. Oh, that smile... I smiled back up at him. "She's awake, wow," the doctor muttered, "Didn't think that would happen soon." Alec's smile brightened as he saw that I was okay. He wrapped his arms as well around me as he could. I opened my mouth to ask him what he was doing, but he silenced me with a finger to my lips. "Don''t do that ever again," he whispered. "I won't. I promise," I whispered back as I wrapped his arms around him and relaxed, feeling better already.
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