Is Anyone Home? 

It was the year 1814; a girl named Sapphire walked down the slippery riverside. She was a girl who was sixteen years of age. She was an observant girl, hardly missing anything with her keen eyes and sense of hearing. She walked over to the small, yet sturdy bridge. She looked over the edge and smiled at her reflection. She had long black hair and exuberant blue eyes. It was for her eyes that she was named. Her eyes were deep sapphire blue. Her complexion was a creamy light peach.

She was on her way to a berry patch, just south of her village. Her mother had wanted her to get berries for the pie she was making. It was early summer, and warm winds blew through the tall grass. Even though the patch wasn’t relatively far from her village, it would take several hours to get there on foot. Her path, even just to get berries, was dangerous. She had to pass through the woods that separated her village from the open plains to the south. Being summer, several reptiles were active, especially the deadly copperheads. Though she had never had trouble with them before, she was cautious.

After a few hours, she began to feel tired and thirsty. She saw a cottage, partly covered in vines and leaves. Perhaps, she thought, the people who live there will give her something to drink. She went to the front of the house carefully and knocked… no answer. “Is anyone home?” she asked timidly. Still no answer. The still of the cottage brought her great discomfort.
The door was slightly ajar so she pushed it open. She assumed that the house was abandoned. As she walked in, the door shut behind her. She slowly backed away from the door, but in the process she trod on a rat’s tail. The rodent squeaked in pain and bit her. "Ouch," she murmered as she wiped her hand on her blouse.

She looked around. The cottage was very old, not to mention dark. It was erie, the cobwebs and old furniture, yet she continued her little tour. The bedroom contained an elegant bed with a canopy top. The other rooms were filled with miscellaneous furniture. But that bed, there was something... different about it, something... entranceing. She had to see how soft it was, she just had to. She went in the bedroom and sat on the bed. Soft as a cloud. As if in a tranced she soon fell asleep.

She was awoken by a loud banging, like someone dropping something. She opened he eyes slowly. 

Nothing. That was odd, she thought to herself. She got up from the bed and looked out a window, dawn was breaking. "Oh no. Mother must be worried sick," she said to herself. She stood and began to head for the door, but an intense longing brought her back to the bedroom. What's wrong with me, she thought as she tried to get up again. This time she couldn't even stand. "What's happening?" she asked herself in a panic.

"No, no one is home deary," said a strange voice. The voice seemed to be coming from the walls. "You're trapped here, like the others," the voice rasped. "Who... Who are you?" Sapphire asked. The voice meerly cackled. "You'll find out soon enough,"the voice said menicingly.

Then she saw it, a woman emerging from the shadows. Her face was white as was her hair. "Does that answer you're question?" she asked. "Yes, but I have a new question anyway, why me?" Sapphire asked. "I really don't know nor do I care," the woman said, "I just like the blood of burglars. You broke in, now you will die. Look up." Sapphire reluctantly looked up and what she saw terrified her. Her pupils shrank and her face twisted in fear. An axe on a pendulum that getting closer to her with every swing.

I'm going to be cut in half, she thought desperatly, what am I going to do! She began struggling, but the bed's spell was too powerful. The woman began cackling louder and louder as the pedulum drew closer and closer. The next swing ripped her robes. The swing after grazed her skin. Sapphire stopped struggling. She had lost too much blood to. The last few strokes brought wave after wave of throbbing pain. At this point death would be a relief. And relief came.

The woman stopped the pendulum and looked at Sapphire's innocent, bloodstained body. A smile creased her face. She turned and left the room. At the doorway, she stopped and muttered, "Death, a sweet release. Enjoy it."

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