Last Summer 

What happened to me?
Between this year and this last?
Surely it was horrible,
That event...
My self-esteem? Decimated.
My life? Worthless.
My friends? There are so few.
Happiness? Gone.
It all happened,
Last summer.

I lay here, on the floor
Crying. Crying so softly.
Was it someone dear moving?
Was it my father dissappearing?
Was it that one man...?
No, these things do not seem horrid enough,
To extinguish the flames of my happiness.
So brightly they burned,
Last summer.

I was truely happy.
All was right.
I was friends with all.
I was confident.
I was... me,
Last summer.

Anger is my first response.
Yelling is my second.
My short fuse shrunk,
To where a mere request sets me off.
I talk nonstop,
Due to my fear of silence.
And though I smile,
It always feels hollow inside,
And it started,
Last summer.
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