Unknown Love

I lay bleeding.
A knife was buried deep into my chest.
The pain was near intolerable, yet I couldn’t go back now.
It was too late for me.
The knife had pierced my lung.
Soon sweet death would take me in its loving embrace.
I thought of what drove me to this suicide.

It was his fault.
I loved him,
But my love had been wasted.
He loved another, who would not love him.
I knew not who he loved.

I heard footsteps.
I looked up, it was him.
He bent down and gasped,
“It’s you.
The one I love.
Why did you do this.”
“What do you mean?”
“You were the girl I loved.”

My pain began to lesson,
And I was sure I was dying.
Suddenly I had a floating sensation,
And everything went black.
I was now dead.
Such cruel irony.
An unlikely twist of fate.
I began to cry in death,
And I knew I would never cease.

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