I don't know

Whether it was the idea

Of being able to touch

Something beautiful,

Something feminine,

Or if it really was

You that caught my eye.

All I know is that

I fell hard and fast,

Head over heels

In love with you.

But little did I know,

You had your own plans.

You left me crying

On your doorstep,

With nothing but an excuse

And hope that we would

Stay together. 

The next day came, 

And still no promise.

I was turned away, finally,

Only to find 

That you had moved on

With the boy I loved.

No pain felt greater,

No sorrow made me weep more,

No act had ever hurt me

So much.

And so when you asked

Why I still hate you,

It shocked me.

Because you know why.

I hate you because

You left me crying that night

And because you decided to move on

With my true first love.

I hate you because

After you finished with him,

You found someone new,

Someone in our class,

Someone I had to see you with.

And this was not even a week

After you left me crying.

And then when you finished with him,

Another former love crumbled.

He told me that 

He would get back at you

For all you did to me.

But when you talked to him,

His plans fell through.

He started dating you.

I was left 

In all this aguish

All this pain

Because of you.

And that's why I hate you.

I was left crying 

So many times.

I was left

In so many pieces.

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